LIKE-ICE! - because it works

The "plastic ice " by LIKE-ICE! Designed specifically for ice hockey and ice skating. The skating blades slide on it almost like on real ice – WITHOUT lubricant,with real ice skating characteristics and proper braking – a high requirement-in which many similar concepts have failed. For about a year we have also been the first choice for curling-the only floor with IFI approval worldwide!!

The range of applications is therefore very diverse :

Technological leadership

Our goal over years of research and development was to achieve excellent gliding properties without additional lubricants and at the same time keep all the real ice-skating characteristics, as well as finding a solution that will make our products ekologically friendly .

As a result: a perfect skating pad that requires no electricity, no water or expensive machinery. When the use of our plate comes to an end our plastic ice will be easily recycled and the material is processed into a new plastic ice or other products.

Only true competence in plastics research with decades of experience and specialized knowledge enabled this breakthrough and development gap. The facts and many references speak for themselves. LIKE-ICE! is doing everything not only to keep this distance , but to continue the development of the product.

With us you will learn everything you want to know about plastic ice. We are not just researchers, manufacturers and international distributors. Our engineers also develop projects and plan details. Our own assembly teams can manage every order- from smallest detailes to the largest projects.

Clomate situation and the consequences of "Ice-skating"

Klimadaten des Deutschen Wetterdienstes (DWD)
Hier geht es zur Website des DWD.

As we could see from past years, the seasons shift backwards a bit. In December, the temperature is rarely or no longer below 0 ° C. There is no snow or ice.

For further information see German Weather service

Beacuse of this reason more and more communities and traiders are installing our LIKE-ICE!

LIKE-ICE! is not real ice, but it's very close to it. What's more important is that our product is completely independent of any weather.

In rain, snow, ice LIKE-ICE! always works.

You want ot know more ? This website will give you all the information. In case you have special questions : please contact us – we will be happy to recieve your message Tool message, your Call or your E-Mail.