LIKE ICE! – The Revolution of „ICE“

Panels made of plastic for ice-skating and curling, without any lubricants.

LIKE-ICE! consists high-quality, physically and chemically manipulated polyethylene (PE) and 7 special additives.

Ice-Skating without lubricants and ice becomes reality for the first time. Our special, developed, production technique allows us to bring all the characteristics of LIKE-ICE! which allows you to skate, brake, slide forward and backward, as if would be real ice. Therefore LIKE-ICE. (see also: : The material)

Almost 4% saturation

The saturation describes the number of additives, that our plastic can take up.Thus, the saturations degree determines the lifespan, the lubricity and their characteristics.

There has never been such a high proportion in the history of synthetic ice.Our own, unique and special production technique, allows this high saturation degree (see also: : The material)



This product is designed for professional use. From simple ice-skating surface for communes, playgrounds to professional hockey fields or figure skates on LIKE-ICE.

Our connection system is designed for huge areas up to 3000m² . Here we use our patented 3D QuickConnect puzzle system (see also: LIKE-ICE! Plus 7)


This Product is designed for home appliance. The panels are thinner and comes without the costly 3D-Puzzle-Connection-System.

Our 2D-Puzzle-System is created for small areas like terrace, car park, basements or at your own home.

The material is identical to our professional plates LIKE-ICE! Plus7. There perfect size would be 50m².

(see also: LIKE-ICE! Plus7 Home)