It can be used normal ice-skates. The skates do not need a special cut, but should be freshly polished and must be polished more frequently because of the slightly higher friction. After 10 minutes driving time the skate reaches the correct operating temperature. Then the sliding behavior increases noticeably once again.

Running characteristics

Both gliding and braking, everything feels like on real ice, therefore no unfamiliar posture and thus an identical physical strain on the same muscles as on ice.


A regular sweeping of the abrasion is sufficient (once a day). For heavily contaminated and / or larger areas, we recommend the use of a scrubber / suction machine

Rain, snow and ice

Wetness does not change the slipperiness. Snow and ice sheets can simply be scraped off without damaging the floor. The use of road salt is also possible, the resulting salt water must be removed very well, otherwise the runners will rust.

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