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We offer you simple tools, which can calculate for you various interesting things. These includes the components of a LIKE ICE! - unit after entering the size, shipping costs by truck in the EU, shipping freight and air freight costs. Depending on your mood, we will build one or the other tool extra for you. :-)

LIKE-ICE!-Bahn - Elementeberechnung

Berechnung der Bauelemente und des Preises

Länge: m

Breite: m

Anzahl der Türen

Finanzierungsrechner - Leasing

Finazierungsmöglichkeiten und Informationen

Basically, we have two types of financing. The hire purchase and lease.

Hire purchas:
The hire purchase is primarily applied if the object is to invest immediately in fixed assets.
Due to this variant, the entire sales tax is payable in advance upon purchase.
This means that the resulting installments are the net installments. Of course you can then immediately,if you are eligible to receive VAT from the tax office.

In the case of leasing, the leasing company will pay us the full amount including VAT.
You then pay monthly the leasing rates plus VAT.
The biggest advantage of leasing, however, is that the goods are NOT fixed assets and the monthly installments100% can be claimed as expenditure. In municipalities is added to the fact that leased objects are not included in the debt.

Berechnung der Leasingraten

Die Leasingraten werden mit einem Durchschnittswert berechnet, da die korrekte Rate von der Bonität des Käufers abhängt.

Kaufsumme: EUR

Berechnung von LKW-Frachtkosten innerhalb EU

Berechnung der Frachtkosten für eine Anlage(LKW innerhalb Europa)



Sendung verfolgen

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Sendung verfolgen

Sendungsnummer eingeben:

Berechnung von Luftfrachtkosten

Berechnung der Luftfrachtkosten


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