Das Material

The product is especially designed for this specific sport

Molekularstruktur PE

LIKE-ICE! isn’t just another of your everyday industrial factory sheets, being alienated.An ordinary cheap PE plate covered in oil without heart and affection? Not with us.

immense expense of development costs and time

viel Arbeit, viel Überraschungen

We started the research and scientific work back in 2004. Only after 5 Years and 7 figure investment cost we were able to present ourselves and our first generation of products on the exhibition FSB in Cologne in 2009.

Stance and maneuver

The market revolution was born. The first self-greasing sheet which is particularly made for this spot has been presented: LIKE-ICE!

It has been a long and steep path. Even though we have had unique Know-How of the synthetic-industry, at first has not succeed in obtaining the desired adjuncts. The actual slipperiness wasn’t even in the focus at the time. More important for us was the state of the athlete. His ability to ride the tracks in his accustomed stance and the chance to practice his maneuvers like it was real ice.

Only at the end of the exhaustive development progress, when the project was on the brink of failure for financial reasons, we accomplished our first functional compression. Leaving us with new hope and the task to test the durability of the features. There was the possibility that they´re only functioning temporary etc. But we were able to fix that too. The yielded additives left the product in a quicker manner than desired. Now we had to work a significant amount of Time on the Parameters of the Product, revealing that not Chemistry but Physics was the Answer. After some time we were able to obtain the favored features creating a long living Ice-Plate at the cost of taking as much Time as pressing 5 normal PE Sheets. Many Pressure Shifts temperature alteration and corresponding cooling Phases enabled us to ensure the true Virtue and the Durability of the Product. The labor and production expenses mirror in the final Cost which is three times as high as a Standard Plate. Nonetheless we have been able to squeeze the Price to almost the same amount of our Competitors.

Lab Comparison

Reibungsvergleich von Eis, LIKE-ICE! und anderen Produkten

The quality and function of the sheet is attributable to our chemical and physical manipulated synthetics, which on basis of millions of various product-parameters is definitely not copiable. A unique product has originated. With results that normal ones with topically applied lubricants can’t compare to.

7 Additives - less would be nothing

Einige Additive als Pulver

Einige Additive als Pulver

The current generation contains seven additives. Two of them are more standard, a stabilizer UV protection and an antistatic agent to reduce the electrical charge. Various property-improving fillers (are not part of the 7 additives).

Maximum saturation with additives

Das gelang bisher noch niemanden

Das gelang bisher noch niemanden

A saturation of more than 1.5-2% with corresponding additives for sliding is considered impossible for the current industry. This certainly applies to all manufacturers who work with the standard parameters for production with the goal to produce a PE board as short as possible. Our production time per plate is about 4-5x longer than a normal PE plate. Here we work with changing pressures, temperatures and rest periods. Only through this patience can increase the quality.

Due to our production parameters, we get a considerably higher amount of additives into the plate and, above all, to keep them there.

Perfect in function, harmless to the environment

Additive in flüssiger Form

Additive in flüssiger Form

The other 5 additives are composed of various natural oils, paraffins and emulsifiers. Today we create a concentration of additive components that no other manufacturer anywhere in the world manages. Overall, our mix is harmless. The polymer structures of the plastics themselves apply, in general and specially to LIKE-ICE! Since the cells of living organisms are unable to take them up, they are biologically inactive and therefore completely harmless. The combination of function and environmental compatibility were and are important parameters in our development.

We expect no competition in this product- "2 million to 1 - possibilities"

LIKE-ICE! not only creates a product that simulates all the necessary properties of ice, but also preserves its properties over the entire warranty and, above all, we possibility of being copied is

2 million: 1

LIKE-ICE! the first and only IFI certified Plastic ice field



Official Certificate der IFI

In 2016, we have successfully implemented our 2nd attribute. We, together with many federations wanted to have a field which also works for curling professionals. LIKE-ICE! has managed to be the only manufacturer to develop a field for ice curling, which is also approved by the IFI (International Federation Icestocksport). Many tournaments with our LIKE ICE have been held already.

Wear and durability

Großaufnahme Abrieb

Großaufnahme Abrieb



It is produced in the month, with full use (at least 6 hours a day) about 1.7 kg of abrasion. Applied to the total weight of the wear is about 1mm in 20 years.

Life / durability

The durability or lifespan is essential to the factors of use and UV radiation. Both frost and strong sunlight cannot harm the material – we tested from minus 65 to plus 75 degrees. A external use and continuous UV radiation, a lifetime of 10 years will be expected. For indoor use a lifetime of 20 years.


100% recylebar und ohne toxische Inhaltsstoffe

100% recylebar und ohne toxische Inhaltsstoffe

Our base material and all its products are environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and comply with EU Directives 67/548 / EEC and 99/45 / EC. Thus, LIKE-ICE! Is completely harmless to nature, humans and animals.

LIKE-ICE! is therefore 100% recyclable!