The concept of sustainability is lived in many ways in our house.Not only the classic 3 columns, ecology, economy and social, but also the culture and, most importantly, science.


Our products should not only be durable, but also retain their functionality as long as possible. If they are then no longer needed, then the product can be recycled to 100%.


The second meaning of the term "sustainable" refers to our business model. Our approach is not to go for the quick money, but to bring our product in slowly and healthy way to sustainable growth. For this, the product must also give the opportunity. What at LIKE-ICE! but certainly the case. Every customer is a multiplier. In recent years, we have overtaken almost all competitors in the market and are about to surpass even the big players. At the beginning we were "only" technology leaders, but now we are soon number 1 in sales too.


We support a variety of social projects. Challenged people in the Eastern Bloc, asylum seekers in education. Continuing education for Eastern Europeans, integration assistance, etc.

Furthermore, we sponsor diverse athletes young and old, disabled and non-disabled, around the world of ice sports.

We support theater and art projects, as well as a variety of scientific projects or diploma and doctoral theses.