The protected connection system from LIKE-ICE !.

The special ability of this Quick-Connect-assambling system is that the plates are fixed and locked each other in a vertical and horizontal way.

This makes it the world's only three-dimensional connection system for plastic panels.

The plates are in the gross area 1000 mm x 1000 mm and in the net area 970 mm x 970 mm in size, 19 mm thick and weigh is about 18 kg. Netto area = gross area - overlap. There are NO other fasteners necessary.

Why Quick-Connect?

Based on many years of experience, we developed the connection system QUICK connect. Plastic reacts many times more "violently" to temperature fluctuations than other materials. At a length of 30 m plastic reacts with approx. 20 to 30 cm of elongation or shrinkage to temperature fluctuations (at 30-40 ° C variation). The forces involved in stretching and shrinking can not be held by a few bolts or screws. More below.

Groove and spring - argument: "better vertical locking"

It is sometimes argued that we have some edges here and there. This may apply if the ground has strong waves. However, it should be mentioned that even with spring and groove systems, the floor must be perfect.


Very easily. Laymen often does not know that PE is flowing. Actually, it is a liquid that flows, but it flows very very tough. You can bridge unclean ground through the spring and groove connection, but only for a short term. If the ground does not fit, after a few months it will take its revenge through a real wave landscape.

Here's a bit of physics:

Groove and spring plates

Nut- und Feder Platten mit Kunststoffbolzen

Nut- und Feder Platten mit Kunststoffbolzen

Why are there no older references with groove and spring system?

Because this connection cannot work in the long run, of course. It is often argued, as mentioned above, that groove and spring connections have better vertical locking than puzzle or QuickConnect. This may be true. But they have no horizontal form fit for that. But this is much more important. Because here the plastic will work. Every second, the whole day and actually with every small temperature fluctuation. The small bolts or screws will not help at all. More in the video below.

The Vertical way will not happen anymore. As mentioned PE is a viscous liquid, the floor must be reasonably be even anyway. Thus, the groove and spring connection brings no advantage. The "vertical argument" is therefore meaningless.

As you can see on the graphics and in the video, it is also clear to the laymen that the horizontal locking, with the small bolts, does not work. For surfaces over 10m in length, the loads can no longer be maintained after a few weeks. It creates gaps and bulges.

The connection must be positive, and no other materials may be used for the connection. The Groove and spring systems get dirty after just a few weeks and the gaps are not closing completely.

The Groove thighs are stretched by the constant movement of the plates within a few weeks. (Edge)

Due to the virtually non-existent horizontal form-fitting, forces can hardly be transmitted and there are joints.

After a few months, the rink is no longer useful. Maximum suitability for events, as it is constantly being re-assembled there.

Even the classic puzzle systems are not suitable, because they often lose their connection with the great forces. Maximum suitable for areas up to 150 m².

In classic puzzle systems, the vertical locking is completely missing - the surface must be 100% perfect.

Below we present some pictures of plants, which were laid with Groove and spring systems. The strong forces are very obvious.

Here you can see the joints clearly. Even after a few weeks, the joints open and injuries happen in a matter of time.

Here you can see what the forces of expansion and contraction can do

Here you can already see the edges of the classic puzzle stand out during the first installation. Some plates do not hold properly and the plates are getting fixed with silicone. With the first temperature fluctuation, the plates will come out again.