Range of application

LIKE-ICE! is a very versatile product. Thanks to its self-lubricating function, it can also be used in sensitive areas.Even on real ice, such as the LIKE ICE! ramps. Since no lubricant is necessary, it can be laid everywhere at short term. For example, in seminar rooms, stages and so on.

Meanwhile, the base material is also in industrial use. Various plain bearings, also under water, guide rails, chain runs and much more.

LIKE-ICE was developed initially intended for ice hockey. This is where the highest demands are placed on the material, it was our benchmark. Our second step was figure skating and the last breakthrough we succeeded in ice-stock-sport. LIKE-ICE has the first and only plastic plate with IFI-approval.

Here are some inspirations for the application of LIKE-ICE! products:

For tourists:

Perfect for municipalities, tourism associations and many more to extend the length of stay, extending the season (year-round operation), as an additional attraction or as a bad weather program ....

For sports:

Perfect for municipalities, ice sports clubs, ice sports associations and many more to extend the season (year-round operation). With LIKE ICE! you have additional ice surfaces for trains purposes AND save money at the same time .

For business:

Perfect for gastronomy, hotel industry, events, toboggan runs, shows, marketplaces, shopping center, circus, zoos, furniture shops, health resort, spa, golf course, mini-golf facilities, sport facilities to extend the length of stay or as an additional offer to increase your sales.

Special usage information usage can be found here in the submenus!