LIKE-ICE! - Plus7

3D-Puzzle - precision from 2 sides (patented)

Attributes and unique selling points

  • Quick connect (the patented 3D connection system)

  • Self-lubricating - integrated lubricants for skating without lubricant

  • Integrated UV protection - for a long service life, even outdoors

  • integrated electrostatic charge to minimize the electrical charge

  • integrated binder so that all properties are retained

  • coordinated abrasion, so that a normal braking is possible

  • No risk to health. All materials and ingredients are free of harmful substances and according to EU directives 67/548 / EEC and 99/45 / EC, completely harmless to nature, humans and animals.

  • 100% ecological - real green - completely CO2 neutral in operation, 100% recyclable.

  • 100% economical (no expenses during ongoing operation)

  • real guarantee (5 years outdoor, 10 years indoor)

  • TÜV tested

Additional Information:

Low acquisition costs

- No cooling system necessary

Low operating costs

- No power consumption

- No water consumption

- Low maintenance and service costs


- without toxic lubricants (benzenes, silicates)

- Low maintenance costs

- Consistent ice ages

- Permanent lubricity

Noise basic operation

- No cooling

- No aggregates

Usable all year round



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LIKE-ICE Platte mit 3D Verbindung

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