This product is designed for home use. The plates are thinner and do it without the more expensive 3D puzzle connection system.

The 2D puzzle connection system is designed for small areas, terrace, garage, cellar, etc.

The material is identical to the professional plate LIKE-ICE! -Plus7. A reasonable maximum size is about 50m².

Attributes and unique selling points

  • 2D connecting system

  • Self-lubricating - integrated lubricants for skating without lubricant

  • Integrated UV protection - for a long service life, even outdoors

  • integrated electrostatic charge to minimize the electrical charge

  • coordinated abrasion, so that a normal braking is possible

  • No risk to health. All materials and ingredients are free of harmful substances and according to EU directives 67/548 / EEC and 99/45 / EC, completely harmless to nature, humans and animals.

  • 100% ecological - real green - completely CO2 neutral in operation, 100% recyclable.

  • 100% economical (no expenses during ongoing operation)

  • real guarantee (5 years )

Additional information

Low acquisition costs

- No cooling system necessary

Low operating costs

- No power consumption

- No water consumption

- Low maintenance and service costs


- without toxic lubricants (benzenes, silicates)

- Low maintenance costs

- Consistent ice ages

- Permanent lubricity

Noise basic operation

- No cooling

- No aggregates

Usable all year round



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